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About Us

A Team of Senior Software Professional working remotely !

Started in 2010, our team consists of Engineers from top niche companies like Adobe, Amazon, Google, ThoughtWorks & Snapdeal with background in Cloud Architecture, Software Engineering, Internet Of Things, Devops & IT security. A Team who is extemely quality centric on consultancy and day to day jobs. Our phylosophy forces us to choose and hold expertise in technologies like AWS, AWS, Lumen, Zend, Kraken, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Gone are the old days of procedural programming and mamoth size single deployments, we strictly believe in micro services and industry's best framework, we deliver no less than these:

  • Reusable Component based approach with Angular 6/7 + Bootstrap
  • AWS Cognito for ultra secure authenication and reliability
  • Stunningly fast Laravel based Lumen Framework for RESTful micro services
  • A brilliant Nodejs framework "Kraken" is another choice for superb RESTful API
  • Everything run in Docker. No hassle for platform
  • And we work remotely, deliver better than inhouse

What We Do ?

Cloud Infrastructure

We absolutely love to understand your needs and help you out here. From automated delivery to auto-scalling, we design and deliver architectural and monitoring stack.

Angular 6/7

A stunning choice for all your web needs. From simple blog to large commercial applications, Angular can definitly build faster, more agile and extemely secure Software Products.

Micro Services

Micro services is a new way of development. Its a stragegy and architecture approach which will give you scalability and security from day one.


Powering every App or Web Project is easier and richer with RESTful APIs. Nodejs Krakenjs framework or PHP Lumen, we hold expertise few of best platforms.

iOS/Android Apps

For most of businesses, apps are absolutely necessity. Let us know whats in your mind and we will guide your from there.

Why choose us?

Becasue we are new, young, driven by latest technologies and most importantly we love what we do :)

We have delivered over 100+ projects within last 8 years ranging on different platforms for ex. Mobile App(Grindr, Cuddll), Middleware (Woolworths, Sydney Airport), @SUGRV!, No more boring Release cycles, no surprises. Many Senior Consultants, we are young and energetic and do perform out of the box. Culture DevOps to make it hassle-free , Agile and Lean.

Young & Techies

Sometimes it's good to be a Geek. But for us, it's good to be a Geek all of the time. We explore all of the newest technologies each day and make sure we put in enough effort to perfect our skills.

Fun can be productive too

We believe when work is mixed with a bit if fun, it take off the stress hand bring creativity to a new level. We spend hours writing codes and make them look beautiful as well.

End-to-End Support

Your infrastructure & application is our responsibility. We will make sure it gets fix as soon as possible and stay stable.

Contact Us

Drop us an email at hello@sugrv.com with your queries or any possible project that you need help with. We will try to get back as soon as possible.


Small, Remote, Agile and Organized.

Vineet (Sr. Architect)

AWS, Docker, Automation & Scalling

David (COO)

Startegist, Visionary, Engaging & Scoping

Varun (Sr. Developer)

Nodejs, Java & IOT

Yaswani (Manager)

Accounts & Relations

Muzammil (Sr. Developer)

iOS & Android

Satinder (Sr. Tester)

Testing & Automation